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Farm Project | Lashone Farms

Farm Project

About Lashone Farm Estate Project

Lashone farm Estate is a one stop shop for all agricultural commodities. it deals in all aspect of agriculture and agribusiness such as:

Livestock farming in Lagos

Animal Production

This section of Lashone farm estate facilitates improvements in agricultural productivity with an emphasis on sustainable animal and aquacultural production systems in line with the objective of promoting sustainable agricultural production.

It focuses on dairying, poultry, small ruminants with the operations of sophisticated technologies for the production of meat, milk and egg… for significant contribution to livelihood and economic development.

Crop farming in Lagos

Crop Production

All living organisms need food to survive and to carry out various body functions like Digestion, Respiration and Excretion. Their need for food is fulfilled by systematic cultivation of food giving plants.

At Lashone Farm Estate we specialize in crop production and management focusing on the challenges of producing and managing crop systems, using both organic and conventional methods.

Residential Farm Estate

Residential Estate

We recognize that each farm owner will want to live on their farm. As a result, Lashone Farm Estate has sectioned out cost-effective area for residence in a friendly environment.

Agro-processing / Industrial Estate

Lashone Farm Estate has zoned and planned an area for the purpose of Agricultural industrial development. The agro-processing industry sited on the farm will process raw materials and intermediate products originating from;  poultry, piggery and fishery. These livestock products, are reared and processed into finished products and are made readily available for to the final consumers.

We further engage in crop production and processing in a way and manner that is systematically arranged to fit industry’s best practices.

Lashone Farm Mart

This is a one-stop shop where “fresh from the farm produce” will be adequately stored, and made available for the final consumer. The farm mart will serve as an all multi-purpose grocery store where you can pick quality foods, fruits and vegetables for immediate consumption.

The Lashone Farm Mart will franchise with willing and intending clients that wish to venture in the sales of Agricultural  production especially in the area of poultry, fishery and piggery either on a small, medium and even on a large scale enterprise. Lashone farm mart will have outlets in all Lashone Estates across Nigeria and other strategic locations to increase nearness of fresh quality farm products and foods to the people always..

Lashone Farm Estate is sitting on 500 acres of land at Ibiyan Community, Yewa-North Local Government Area, Ogun State.

We are open for Sponsorship & Partnership. Kindly reach out to us

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