Lifetob Farmers Hub Form - Download pdf

Registration Form for Farmers

Kindly download the PDF Form, print, fill and upload below. Please note that a payment of N5,000 must be completed before your Registration will be successful. You will also be required to input your full name, email and phone number below for contact purposes. Referral IDs can also be inputted if you were referred.
Physical Filed Form can also be submitted Directly at the Lashone Office.

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Terms & Conditions

* No product would be accepted unless the supplier is fully registered and verified with LifeTob Farmers Hub

* All products MUST be farm freshed, free from hazardous contents and in proper condition.

* All processed and packaged products must be duly registered with the necessary governing bodies and meet up with every hygiene standards.

* All farm fresh products after harvesting must arrive for sales not other than 24 hours to 3 days {depending on the product type}

* Perishable farm products that remain unsold after the stipulated period or shelf life will be returned to supplier preceding next supply.

* For packaged and processed products, suppliers are required to submit their products for Analytical checks, inspections and validations before they go up for sale on LifeTob Farmers Hub

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